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"Amazing" and Trusted Keynote Speaker

Inspire your audience  
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The audience response is unanimous and clear.
Join the powerful list of clients who trust and love having Sonia inspire them with 
Behavioural Science.
Microsoft, KPMG Upside (Faculty), AstraZeneca, SunRice, Nudgestock fans + mo

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"Sonia blew our minds..."

EO CEO Retreat



"She knocked the socks off everyone in the relevant every other speaker referenced her the rest of the afternoon."

Australian Industry Conference

Where Sonia Speaks.
What's Your Next Event?

Sonia Empowers Audiences + Teams

Why is Sonia unique?


Her aim is that you try one nudge (BeSci heuristic or bias) within 24 to 48 hours and measure the direct impact to your bottom line, or life.

Every keynote is tailored
Every keynote is
Every keynote is designed for the highest engagement of the brain.

PLUS Sonia is real. She invites you in to her world, share's vulnerabilities, shares BeSci in her life and work, and she can relate to you in your world of business and life. 

Sonia does not do off-the-shelf presentations. Nor does she believe in them. 

Trusted by clients around the world Sonia captivates audiences every time. She will engage and deliver. Sonia shatters entrenched paradigms. Bridges academic work. Effortlessly makes Behavioural Science look simple. And she shows you how to apply it, immediately. Change your business + change your life. If you need the edge and new content, you need Sonia. Sonia can empower your audience at your next event. Ask her how.

What do you need?
Tell Sonia so she can deliver.


"I want you to give them something they couldn't get anywhere else"

The 3 Questions Sonia will ask you among others:
1. What does success look like for your audience?

2. What does success look like for you personally?
3. Is there anyone else we need to please and what do they need?

Ask Sonia to tailor your Keynote or event today

Popular Topics Include

  • Irrational Pricing Wins! - Understand the brain and increase profits

  • Friction Free Wins! - The Disruptive Power of Friction

  • Data Wins! Empower Your Employees to Be Data Detectives

  • Personalisation Wins! The Holy Grail to Understand and Convert Your Customers

  • Add the BeSci Edge and Win

  • Understanding the Brain is your Business

  • BeSci for High Performance Teams

  • Quick Wins with BeSci to Accelerate Productivity and Outcomes

  • Busting the Myths of Business with BeSci


Inspire BeSci in Byron Bay

Let's meet here!

Often it can be better to get away. Invest in yourself and your team so that the innovation and ideas can flow and land in a relaxed setting uninterrupted by your usual norm. Bring everyone to be inspired and welcome the new. Hand it over to Sonia to facilitate and deliver all your event content. Be blown away on so many fronts. Remember outcomes matter. Impact matters. Create your event that is hardwired in memories, forever. 

If you have a Global event. Sonia can supply your global BeSci speakers through diversifiglobal too.

PLUS Optional Extras

Handouts to take home for daily and on-going reference

Giveaways: Excite your audience with delicious treats from Byron Bay food region + BeSci books

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Join the List of Clients "Amazing" their Audiences with Sonia

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