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Free BeSci Resources.
'Piggyback' these.

These resources are for you to enjoy a taste of BeSci. Grab a coffee or tea and relax into them...


  • Feel free to download and share.

  • You can piggyback some of our successes and learnings available through the Annual Diversifi Compendium.

1. Empower Yourself

REDBULL WINGFINDER - Give wings to your career

Our clients have tried this and loved it. Many then went on to use with their teams. Have some fun and see how you fly. Red Bull Wingfinder is free a personality assessment that focuses on your strengths. The things that you’re naturally inclined to be good at, and gives you the tools and coaching to be even better. Behavioural Science is woven into this experience

  • Try it yourself

  • Takes only 15 to 20 minutes

  • Know you are giving them personal data as you complete this free assessment

  • Share with your team + for coaching and personal development. Share your results with each other.


Have fun as you fly further, faster, now...


Yes I want to

'Find my Wings'

2. Empower Your Team

You can read these annual compendiums for latest thinking, case studies and learning across the diversifi global behavioural science network. Applied behavioural science live in market. Piggyback what you can. Small steps are easy steps. We suggest you think of 1 area you can start to experiment or add some new knowledge. Think about:

  • Case study learning you can apply in your business.

  • Methods or models you can apply in your business. How can you pilot the first time?

  • How you will measure before and after?

You can also use each case study as a' team upskill and learning' lunch and learn

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Here's a Quick Win

3.Empower Your Business

N.I.Y. Nudge It Yourself.

Try these nudges and see how they work for you. Not all behaviour changes or nudges are this easy to implement. Yet some are. You'll experience how small things matter. You'll think "was that it?". Sometimes interventions cost nothing, or next to nothing. Yes! It's why behavioural science changes the game and gives you, your team, your business the edge + better ROI and bottom line impact. Others cost quite a lot to understand, implement, prove and roll-out. Other times the solutions aren't so obvious. Here are two nudges we're sharing free. Nudge It Yourself.

KEY: Pilot and run an experiment so you can measure the true impact for you.

  • Did it work or not?

  • What did you learn?

  • How can you roll it out?

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Try Nudge #1:
Recover Customer Payments with an SMS


Result:  30%+ received in payments owed by customers

Imagine if you could increase debt recovery by +30% with a simple BeSci nudge. Would you try it? Sonia recommends this nudge to all of her clients.

Do you have customers who owe you money? Have you tried time and again to recover it without success?

While many digital purchases require up front payment, not every product or service has this luxury.. The result is some customers are late paying their rates or fees, credit cards or loans. Or don't pay them at all. 

Our Nudge Success: Many of my clients (and friends) have tried this nudge with success. Including an accountant who then used it with all his customers. A local government experimented after Sonia presented to their leadership team. The results +36% increase in rate payments. 

N.I.Y. - NUDGE IT YOURSELF. You can nudge debtors with a simply SMS that applies BeSci insights. Easy. Cost Effective. You have nothing to lose - you don't have the money now anyway. 

Click below to see how you can apply it...

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Try Nudge #2: Increase Loyalty Card Use + Customers Spend

Imagine if you could increase customer purchases by 25% for the customers who use your loyalty cards with a simple BeSci nudge. Would you try it?

Many businesses give out loyalty cards to their customers to A) get them returning back to them B) have them buy more often. There is an offer attached to incentivise the customer behaviour. e.g.

  • Buy 10 get 1 free.

  • Or 5% discount on your 10th purchase. 

There is a simple nudge that has been proven effective in increasing purchase rate by 25%. 

If you want to empower you, your team and your business with more BeSci send us an email

And if you're not sure where to start still get in touch and we will work it out with you. Often people are not sure where and how to start their journey with Behavioural Science. Yet they know they need something different. 

Let's get you started today...

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