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Accelerate Your Goals!


Its time to rip off the bandaid of hope, procrastination, denial or whatever it is that you are holding onto.

Apply the power of behavioural science + neuroscience to understand the unconscious limitations of your mind.  If you are finally ready to achieve your goal then so are we.  Make your unconscious conscious. Learn the secret science of the brain and achieve your success. Be empowered today. You will see its easier than you think. A 'No Brainer' once you understand how. We believe you can do it. Be empowered today.

"You have more clarity than anyone I know"
C.B. Editor Weekend Australian Magazine

"My hour with Sonia was the best investment of my year"
Nat Daley. #1 Financial Planner in Australia (2019)
Finishing Line

The 4 Easy Steps
'7 Brain Secrets'

Her unique blend calms and disrupts. People trust Sonia with their life. They share vulnerabilities, secrets and more. Often that they have told no one else.

Its time to shed what is holding you back.


Trusted by so many. Sonia will take you on a calming journey like not other. Be held by her as you gain clarity on how to truly change your life. 


Guided meditation + Behavioural science

  1. See the life you would be living if you were living all of who you are

  2. Understand the barriers and sabotaging patterns holding you back

  3. Learn the 7 Brain Secrets to change your life

  4. Use the power of commitment contracts integrating behavioural science to disrupt and achieve your gaol. PLUS why they fail so you can avoid it. 

Repeat again and again as often as you like because



Once you know the steps you can use them forever

 These few hours will change your life

Individual client successes include...

  • Quit a job

  • Stay in a job

  • Leave a relationship

  • Excel in business sales results

  • Change to 90% vegan

  • Achieve best university results ever

  • Separate from business partnership

  • Close a business (no more denial)

  • Scale back a business you didn't sell

  • Charge clients what you are worth

  • Come out as gay

  • Become an International Keynote Speaker

What is eating at you?

What do you finally want to achieve?

Image by Ian Stauffer


What do you want to achieve that keeps avoiding you? You need to have a burning desire to do it. When you are ready to finally reach this goal in life, no matter how big or small contact Sonia to get you over the line. 

Image by Charles Forerunner


Are you wanting to get a new job, get promoted or leave a job? Is there a goal you can't seem to achieve at work? When you are finally ready Sonia can help you reach that goal or make the move.

Image by Scott Broome


The biggest relationship is the one with your self. Are you honoring and loving yourself? Are you stuck in a relationship? Do you need to change your relationship? This is not a therapy session. Its your goal achieving session. Gain clarity and take the next right move for you. 

Would you like to know more?

Send Sonia your details and a message here to start...

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Let's do it.

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