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Be. Sci. Strategic Consulting

Applying Behavioural Science to your business changes the game. No matter how large or small your organisation, opportunities abound. Why? Because your customers are human, your employees are human, your suppliers are human and you are too. 

Behavioural Science marries the world of how humans make decisions, take risks and spend money. Humans are predictably irrational and you can apply heuristics and biases to change behaviour. 

Our team will show you how. 

6 Powerful Steps




Private sector businesses need solutions fast. At times this means RCT's aren't always possible because it is not profitable to wait. We offer a hybrid model of data analaytics, business consulting and behavioural science solutions. All aim for measurement of outcomes and proven ROI. 


Please note: We work across the globe. In Australia we have worked with companies with 8000 employees to 1 employee. For our larger and international clients we can employ leading global affiliates in behavioural science as our partners.


Measurement Proves Results

  • There is GOLD in your data. We start here. Let's mine it together. We often find clients are scared of their data. They are happy to be vulnerable about this with us. Our team of experts make it safe and easy. We love data and know what to look for, and how to turn your data into insights. By the end of a project, clients are empowered with their data, and this changes the game for their business, forever. By the end, they love their data too. 

  • We are experts in applying Behavioural Economics to your pricing for direct and measured impact to your bottom line

  • We can apply Be. Sci. to any human challenge and can't wait to get started

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Keynote Speaking

“Sonia’s blew our minds with her insights in to how the brain works and how to capture and engage our customers and shift their perceptions and behaviours using simple and effective frameworks and techniques…" 

EO CEO Retreat

Quickly developing trust with clients and audiences is a desirable asset. Sonia can hold a room as few can. As an inspirational speaker she is able to captivate audiences with her style and content. Behavioural Science in this format is highly sought after. "Amazing" is mostly quoted after an event with her.


Tailoring content for your needs, audience, business and industry. You can "buy off the shelf" topics, however relevant and dynamic content that stimulates and inspires your audience so they can 'do something tomorrow' is preferred. 

Refer to Keynote Speaking for popular topics and speaking engagements


Contact Sonia below and ask about your next Conference or Speaking Event and rates for 

  • Full day

  • 1/2 day 

  • 1 hour (or part there of)

CEO / Executive Mentoring

Confidentiality assured.

As a Mentor to CEO's Executives, Business Owners and Individuals, Sonia helps individuals align their personal and professional life and understand sabotaging patterns holding them back. Teaching you how the brain and your irrational yet predictable behaviour limits you from reaching the goals you desire - both personal and professional goals. Proven success with behavioural science interventions to achieve results, and live all of who you are.


We use Commitment Contracts with BeSci. Insights to use with clients to break procrastinating habits and generate true behaviour change.  


Many clients fly to Byron Bay for intensives and consultations. Mentoring Consultations can be in person or virtual. Sonia will travel upon arrangement. 

Sonia loves working with CEO's, Company Directors & Key Executives at the forefront of their industry. Why? Because this is where decisions are made…immediately.

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