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Inspiring BeSci Success from Byron Bay

Australia. New Zealand.
Sweden. UK. USA. + 

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1. BeSci Strategic

Solve your business challenges today. With a global network of applied behavioural scientists to work on your global brands -

We aim to change behaviour, to make and save you money

We provide fresh eyes and clear thinking 

When you need to Solve Your Business Challenge

  • Optimise Profitability and Pricing

  • Data Discoveries & Insight GOLD: Big Data / Small Data - Analysis, Statistical Proof, Modelling, Machine Learning

  • Profiling / Segmentation / Personalisation

  • Friction Fluency Flow

  • Audits - Data / Friction / Comms / Process

  • Academic Literature Reviews

When you need Big Data or Analytics Expertise

  • Statistics and Data Analytics

  • Text Analysis

  • Brand Perception Analysis

  • Conjoint Analysis

  • Predictive Modelling

  • Spend Optimisation



Add the Behavioural Science Edge to your Business or

Start Up now

When you need to improve Business Outcomes

  • Optimising Call Centre and Customer Success Teams

  • Improve Conversion / Reduce Churn

  • Nudgecheck

  • How to Run and Roll-out Nudge Experiments 

  • How to run a Pre-Mortem for Better Decisions

When you need to Upskill your Team

  • Behavioural Science for High Performance Teams

  • Shifting Paradigms in Business 

  • Cultural Change and Employee Upskill with BeSci

  • Being Data Savvy: Employees as Empowered Profit Centres and Confident Assets - to themselves and your business

When you're a Start Up or Scale Up and want to Fast Track success

Integrate BeSci early to transform your business, improve profitability, upskill teams and increase your multiple.


We aim to solve any business challenge involving humans, to directly impact your bottom line, change behaviour, and measure it

We have a team of Strategists, Behavioural Scientists, Data Scientists, Statisticians and Data Analysts excited to work with you. 

Save money: Where and when required we commission Global partners on your global projects and brands. Only p
ay for who you need, when you need them

2. Keynote Speaking
Amaze audiences at your next event

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Check availability for 2024 and 2023

Sonia Friedrich


Irrational Pricing Wins!

Transform your pricing and profit today
3+ hours of content
Free handouts


3. Sonia Friedrich
BeSci Academy

Upskill yourself and your team with practical nudges to make and save you money

Client feedback proves success

"You are a Revenue Rockstar"

Maria Collyer. Founder, Entrepreneur of the Year

Naked Juice Bar (Sweden)

"Best Research we have seen in the building, ever"

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company (Australia)

"My hour with Sonia was the best investment of my year."

Nat Daley. Hardline Wealth. 

#1Australian Financial Planner of the Year 2021


We'd like to hear what you need...

And if you're not sure, please get in touch and we will work it out with you. Often people are not sure where and how to start their journey with Behavioural Science. Yet they know they need something different. 

Let's get started...

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Sonia Friedrich 
P.O.Box 758
Byron Bay, NSW 

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list of clients inspired by BeSci...

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