Irrational Pricing Wins!
3rd March 2020

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Irrational Pricing Wins! Again!

28th April 2020

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Behavioural economics is your business

Today understanding the brain is your business…and it changes the game.
Q: How would you increase revenue 40% within 6 months?

1:     A PR or advertising campaign?

2:     A sales drive?

3:     A pricing decoy that costs nothing to implement. It immediately and directly contributes to your bottom line?

4:     A change in choice architecture that cost minimal, if nothing, to implement. It is immediately measurable and directly contributes to your bottom line?



 Answer: 3 or 4    

Learn how to apply "nudges" that change the game in business and life

Nobel Prize winning insight with thought leadership from around the globe has given us new evidence on human behaviour. Behavioural Economics (B.E.) is the body of knowledge that informs us how people behave when spending money, taking risks, making choices, and decisions. It turns out humans are irrational and mostly unconscious to the decisions they make. However they are predictable in their irrationality. And here is the gold. People (you, me, your customers, suppliers, employees and in fact all of us) use heuristics (short cuts) and biases (systematic errors) continually. You can dial up or dial down many of these heuristics and biases and directly change behaviour.  Applicable for every aspect of business, involving a human. Are you using it?


"I apply behavioural economics to business, and human, challenges"

Heuristics and Biases

There are more than 659 heuristics and biases that can be used to change behaviour. Learn how to apply them to every business or human challenge. 


a 300%

increase in sales and repeat customers in 1 month

would you try it?


Strategic Consultant

Keynote Speaker




Captivating audiences with clarity and easy of learning, she shares how to apply, and optimise behavioural economics insight in business. She has proven B.E. impacts the bottom line.

Sonia is an expert in the application of behavioural economics in business. She aims to teach insights that can begin to be applied within 24-48 hours. 

Her extensive corporate career spans more than 25 years working in executive roles in advertising and marketing. Working with Fortune 500 Companies and on brands up to $250 Million in Australia and New Zealand. Sonia was the General Manager of Grey Healthcare Advertising in Sydney before establishing her own consultancy.


In 2012 she began building new models of business to apply behavioural economics insight and to teach this to clients. She has a suite of success stories and empowered clients. Today Sonia works with Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Investors, Small Business to Multinational clients. She is a Mentor to CEO's, Founders and change agents. 

She was a Mentor for the Google StartUp weekend and Judge on pitching panels for Start Inno. More recently Sonia has developed a Private B.E. Intensive for business and Public B.E. Academy that she runs at Elements of Byron, Byron Bay, Australia.


Separately Sonia Mentors Directors to align their personal and professional lives.


Connect with Sonia to discuss your challenges today.



$1.8M - $3M


in media spend


would you try it?


Sonia Friedrich

0412 359 424  -  Australia

+61 412 359 424  -  International