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28th April


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It's a No Brainer! Behavioural economics is your business
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Now more than ever, you need to understand the brain and why customers and employees behaviour the way they do. 
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"We apply behavioural economics to your business and human challenges to increase your ROI"

As a Business and Brand Strategist Applying B.E. for the last 10 years, Sonia cannot recommend most of what she learned at University, and successfully applied in business for 20+ years of her career. She employs a team of Statisticians, Data Analysts and Applied Behavioural Scientists ready to help you.
Find out why, what, and how to change. 

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A - Anchor, Affect, Availability, Attention, Adaptation; B - Brand Engram, Bias; C - Choice Architecture, Choice Overload, Commitment, Context, Cognitive biases, Confirmation bias, Cue, Certainty effect, Cold State; 

D – Defaults, Decoys, Discounts, Dual System theory, Decision fatigue, Duration neglect, Diversification bias; E – Ego, Emotion, Emotional Brain v Rational Brain, Endowment effect, Experiment, Experiencing self, Effort, Expectation effect; F – Free, Framing, Focussing Illusion; G – Gain; H- Habit, Halo Effect, Hardwire, Herd, Hedonic adaption, Hot v Cold states (empathy gap), Hypothesis, Hindsight, Hyperbolic discounting;

I – Inertia, Imprint, Intuition, Irrational, Illusion; J - Judgement; L – Least effort, Loss aversion; M – Memory, Market Norms, Mirroring; N – Nudge, Norms; O - Opt out v opt in, Overwhelm, Optimistic bias, Overconfidence effect, Ownership effect; P - Pain of paying, Prospect Theory, Procrastination, Pre-commitment, Predictable, Priming, Possibility effect, Peak-End rule;  R – Resemblance, Risk, Relative Value, Rational Brain v. Emotional Brain, Reward, Remembering self, Reciprocity, Ratio bias, Redundancy effect; S - System 1 and System 2, Scarcity, Social Norms v Market Norms, Split Test, Substitution, Saliency, Status Quo bias, Sunk cost fallacy; T – Theory; U – Uncertainty, Utility; V – Value; W – WYSIATI; Z - Zero Price Effect


Heuristics and Biases

There are more than 600+ heuristics and biases that can be used to change behaviour. Learn how to apply them to your business, human or personal challenge. 

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