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You receive immediate access to a team of 16 trusted companies, with more than 200 Independent Applied Behavioural Science practitioners, from around the world, to support your global needs.


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Keynote Speaking 
You can trust
Sonia will open your event, and amaze and inspire your audience. 


With Measured Outcomes for true Business ROI and Behaviour Change.  

Reason for
decline uncovered

"You are a Revenue Rockstar"


Maria Collyer.

Founder, Entrepreneur of the Year, Naked Juice Bar (Sweden)

200% price



Empowered People


Empowered (evidence based) Decision Making

The significant shift in business uses the power of data to drive decision making + runs business experiments to statistically prove outcomes before you invest your resources heavily. That's why we have a team of statisticians and data analysts to discover insights, and why we aim to make your staff Data Savvy.


When you see employees move from fear of data to empowered used of data it is game changing. This is true empowerment. Their confidence builds as does their role in business. The solutions are now evidence based rather than guess work.


This changes bottom line results, and careers. 

B.E. Strategic Consulting


Commission Sonia and her team of Consulting Statisticians, Data Analysts and Applied Behavioural Scientists to help save and make you money, or solve a behaviour change challenge today.


For your Global or Overseas projects, contact Sonia to discuss your needs and global resources available.

Inspire your audience with powerful yet practical insights that are game changing for business and performance. Contact Sonia to speak at your next conference, industry event or business meeting

For yourself or your Executive upskill. Whatever you are not happy with in business or in life, Sonia can help you see clearly to change and reach your highest performance levels and use BeSci proven techniques to reach your goals.

Working with innovators AND 
business in crisis

(our business is 50:50 split of each)

"My hour with Sonia was the best investment of my year."

Nat Daley. Hardline Wealth

2021 #1Australian Financial Planner of the Year

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3. Mentoring

Those in the middle are unlikely to need us (yet).

They are still in their status quo bias

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