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Top 10 Reasons Clients Got in Touch

They say the truth of your business is the last 10 clients you had

When you look at your actual clients you see what your business is.
Not what you hope or pretend it to be. 

There are many reasons clients want to work with us.
Behaviour change + profit + to 'amaze an audience' are consistent and core

What balls do you have up in the air? 
Which ones are about to hit you in the face, full force?


Our Recent 10...


Keynote Speaker



Keynote from our team on "Data, Digital DNA, Personalisation to AI generated content" for a 1 Day BeSci Immersion in Spain



Global Brand + Innovation

China. USA

Wants something innovative for a new global product launch. AND

When taking on a new country role to bring to the innovations team.

Global VP

Note: this conversation started with "what is it you do? I've heard a little about behavioural science and want to know more."


Keynote Speaker



Needs a Keynote speaker to open annual Print21 and PKN Packaging Conference: "Amplify & Engage"


When the speaker for Day 2 had double booked, the client asked if Sonia was available to open this second day with new content. She knew Sonia could amaze again.

Magazine Editor and APAC Event Organiser


Revenue / Customer Conversion


Can you optimise customer conversion, price and spend.

Optimise how we segment and speak to our customers



Don't Know Referral

"You need to speak to Sonia"

This happens more than you think. Often clients get in touch because they have been referred. They aren't even sure why they are contacting Sonia, or what behavioural science is. Someone has referred them, they need help + they trust that person and follow through.

Note: These conversations all start the same. "'Jane' referred me. I don't know why I am here or what it is you do"

Sonia will always reply. "Don't worry, you're not alone. This happens a all the time. Tell me what is going on. I'll know if we can help and then share what we do. I can usually tell in 15 minutes if we can help. If not, I'll say that too."


Big Data

Australian StartUp

Pilot: Kenya

Add the edge with data science and personalisation for data reporting to attract investors.


Create new data driven product offers for sale.

CEO & Co-Founder

Note: this conversation started with I've been following you on LI with interest can you tell me what is it you do?


Reverse Revenue Decline/ Increase EBIT

Australia / USA

A CEO new to this company needs to reverse revenue and profit decline. After years of growth this brand needs some fast and lasting outcomes. The CEO heard Sonia speak a few years ago. Now she wants to know how and where she can apply BeSci.



Keynote Speaker


Having heard Sonia speak at #3 he wanted her to speak to his entire executive, leadership and sales team on 'Behavioural Science is Your Business'.

Board Member


1-Day Advance 

Scale Up. Australia

Having heard Sonia speak at KPMG Upside this Founder wanted her to speak to his entire team for a 1/2 day at their next Advance on the 'Disruptive Power of Friction to improve operational effectiveness' and integrate friction free into their culture

CO-CEO & Founder


Reduce Addiction


A $multi million grant submission to change behaviour and reduce addiction in this specific area with innovation through Behavioural Science.

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Contact Sonia today

When you are ready let's speak about

  • What you need

  • Wherever you need it

  • Wherever you are

Thank you. I look forward to speaking with you soon

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