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increase in sales and repeat customers, in

1 month

Critical Issue: Client was losing revenue, operating in a service industry in decline. 

Recommendation: Repackage options so that customers no longer choose what to buy, instead they are opted into a 'popular' (12 month rather than the previous weekly) option. If they choose, they can opt out and unbundle. Customers are then automatically opted into repeat purchasing. This is now billed monthly and deducted off their credit card, which reduces the pain of paying. An on-line product is also now bundled in free to shift future behaviour. Sales Representatives simply sold in the offer differently when face to face with customers. The cost to implement, nil -  it took thinking and a change in the selling pitch.

Snowball Effect: Client is now sharing B.E. with their clients to build more loyalty.


B.E.Insights - Opt out v Opt in. Bundling. Loss Aversion. Context Matters. Magic 3. The Middle Wins. Pain of Paying. Power of FREE

$1.8 - $3M 

in media spend 

Critical Issues: Clients wanted to change customer behaviour through national multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.

Recommendations: Through research projects applying B.E. method, we demonstrated these campaigns would have no impact on behaviour change. This occurred across multiple clients (whose brand value ranged from $15 Million to $250 Million), with media budgets beginning at $1.8M. A direct result was an immediate cancellation of pre-approved media plans and redirection of $ into activity that identified what would change behaviour. 

B.E.Insight - Research projects using more than 50+ Heuristics and Biases


speaking event

Critical Issue: A Collaborating Partner wanted unique content for customers and to offer a value add to the broader community.

Recommendations: Create speaking events with new content, sharing behavioural economic and neuroscience insights, and how business can apply them tomorrow

B.E. Insight - Attracting Customers with more than 20 B.E. heuristics and biases

"You are the woman who changes peoples lives"

Luxury Retreat Owner



"Best research we have seen in the building, ever"

 For #1 Brand, Fortune 500 Company

"You have more clarity than anyone I know"

Leading Australian Editor and Journalist

increase in sales in

1 month.

Critical Issue: Client introduced a new product without anticipating it would cannibalise their only other product. They now wished to generate revenue from both products. 


Recommendation: Focus on bottom line revenue targets and not the products on offer.  Introduce a pricing decoy and bundle options to create a new pricing package. To implement, only required a different way of sharing pricing options over the phone with customers. There was no cost to implement. Within the first month, all new customers opted for the new preferred and higher priced option.

B.E. Insight -  Pricing Decoy. Bundling

in revenue for 2 person business in 1 year

Critical Issue: Client struggling to win new business and wanting to enter the Healthcare sector, believing this will be lucrative for business.

Recommended the Market Research client, reposition the business to a Behaviour Strategy and Research Company.  Adopting B.E. heuristics and biases and change the way research is undertaken in Australia. Instrumental in building new models for research; pitch documentation; research methodology and feedback to clients - through strategic and tactical recommendations - all based on B.E.  All new business and revenue for the next 12 months was secured in the Healthcare sector with access to my networks and based on new company positioning.

B.E. Insight -  Application of 50+ Heuristics and Biases

increase in average customer spend

Critical Issue: Client struggling to increase revenue and choosing clients that will bring success. Wasting significant time with ''failure' clients.

Recommendations: Learn to say "No" to easily identifiable "failure clients". Introduced method to vett success v failure clients easily over the phone rather previous time costly, free audit. Clarified company positioning and USP. Using B.E. pricing insights client was able to place new value on the  business offering and bundle hours. Client found the increased pricing was as easy to sell in as the previous offer. No cost to implement. Client has since sold this business. At age 28 this is already her second business she has built and sold.

Confidence. Positioning. Value. B.E. Insight - Bundling. Upsizing