Sonia Friedrich is a Strategic Consultant, Mentor and Keynote Speaker. Captivating audiences with clarity and ease of learning, she shares how to apply, and optimise behavioural economics insight in business. She has proven B.E. impacts the bottom line.


So do I. We all do.

 It's one reason our default is the status quo. Let's disrupt it.

Sonia Friedrich

Sonia is a leading expert in the application of behavioural economics in business. She aims to teach insights that can begin to be applied within 24-48 hours, for clients to measure results on their bottom line within 1-2 months. 

Sonia lives in Byron Bay Australia. Her extensive corporate career spans more than 25 years working in Executive Roles in advertising and marketing, mostly with Fortune 500 Companies. She was the General Manager of Grey Healthcare Advertising, Sydney before establishing her own consultancy.


In 2012 she began building new models of business to apply behavioural economics insight and teach this to clients. She has a suite of success stories and empowered clients. Today Sonia works with Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Investors, Solo operaters to Multinational clients. She is a Mentor to CEO's, Founders and change agents. Sonia is a sought after keynote speaker.

She has been a Mentor for the Google StartUp weekend and Judge on pitching panels for Start Inno. More recently Sonia has developed a B.E. Intensive and Academy to share the application of behavioural economics in business.

Behavioural Economics
Intensives and Academy

Sonia has developed and runs

Behavioural Economics Intensives:  Working with CEO's, Investors, Key Executives and Sonia teaches over 120 B.E. insights and how to immediately apply them in your business. Let's pull apart your business to see where heuristics and biases can both make you money and save you money.  B.E. Is applicable across all elements and departments of your organisation (small or large). Together we establish baseline metrics to measure real time impact; determine B.E. experiments for your business; witness the power of commitment contracts; and feedback loops to achieve your goals.

Intensives are run in Byron Bay, your Company or conference venue.

It's a NO BRAINER! - Behavioural Economics 3-day Academy: This is a public event sharing more than 120 B.E. heuristics and biases and how to integrate these in your business. 


Held at conference venue Elements of Byron - Australia.

FREE - Every participant of the Behavioural Economics Academy receives the B.E. A-Z Reference Guide


You can change your life today. If one aspect of your life is causing you stress, grief, frustration or unhappiness, 11 Steps to Healing is an invitation for you to change. No matter how successful you appear on the outside, it is how you feel on the inside that matters. The fear to change can be more daunting than the change itself. In this affirming and easy to follow guide, Sonia Friedrich takes the fear and mystery out of healing. 

A-Z Reference Guide

This first edition A-Z Reference Guide shares more than 120 heurisitcs and biases of behavioural economics. it is your resource on: Why apply behavioural economics; Why small things matter; System 1 and System 2 of the brain; The new world of experiments, 3 Secret Agents; and the A-Z reference. 


Only available to participants of the Behavioural Economics Intensive or Academy