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Who is Sonia?

Strategic Consultant  .  Keynote Speaker  .  CEO / Executive Mentor

sonia friedrich_ behavioural economics_a

"You are not like any other Consultant"

CEO Global Company

"You were the best speaker of the conference"

Exchange Summit


Consistent Client and Audience Response

"You have more clarity than anyone I know"

Previous Editor, Weekend Australian Magazine

Sonia Friedrich

Empowering You

As a Consulting Strategist, Sonia and her team give you the edge by adding behavioural economics insight into the mix of your business solutions. 

Trusted global speaker, Sonia recently shared Case Studies and Learning's at Nudgestock Global 2020 and Cowry Consulting Summer School (London). 


Clients want Sonia's brain, coupled with her ability to connect and communicate, her open presence and honesty. They commission Sonia for her clarity of thinking and pay for her direct approach. 

Sonia and her Consulting team have saved clients millions of dollars and made others millions of dollars. They have helped

  • Top 200 Companies

  • individual brands up to $250M in Australia and New Zealand

  • repositioned companies

  • restructured businesses, and

  • helped save small businesses from closing their doors

Her extensive corporate career spans more than 25 years working in Executive Roles in advertising and marketing, mostly with Fortune 500 Companies. She was the General Manager of Grey Healthcare Advertising and had a stellar career for more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry working with MSD, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and more, before establishing her own strategic consultancy.


The Behavioural Science Edge

​In 2012 Sonia began adapting new models of learning to apply behavioural economics for better and measured business outcomes. She is a recognised expert in the use of B.E. for pricing, and personal behaviour change. Today her team works with Top 200 clients, Multinationals, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Investors to Solo operators.


Taking complex problems to effortlessly make them simple, Sonia is renowned for her clarity. She created models that apply Nobel Prize winning knowledge + experimental research in behavioural science to shatter entrenched paradigms and transform industry.


Sonia employs a team of Consulting Statisticians, Data Analysts and Applied Behavioural Scientists, to prove measured outcomes of B.E recommended interventions. They are called in as required on a project by project basis. She has access to Global Leading talent through the Diversifi Network, to help with your needs wherever you are around the world and to support your global brand.

She is a Mentor to Founders, Executives, Individuals and change agents. Founders and Executives hire Sonia to Mentor them in B.E. and change their business model. Sonia and her team will work with anyone who wants the edge for themselves, their brand, their business, or their industry. 


Her clients are in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Sweden. Based in Byron Bay Australia, Sonia works globally, nationally and locally.

Founding Member

BeSci. EDge

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